(Beaver Shaft, La Sal, and Snowball Mines)

La Sal, San Juan County, Utah

The La Sal Complex consists of the Beaver Shaft, La Sal, and Snowball Mines. These mines are near and connected underground to the Pandora Mine, also owned by Denison Mine (USA) Corporation. The two mine operations began under separate ownership in the 1970s. Denison has requested that the La Sal Complex and Pandora Mine be considered to be, and regulated as, one mine operation: the La Sal Mines Complex

Mine Owner and Operator
Denison Mines (USA) Corporation

Land Ownership
The Beaver Shaft is on private land.

The Snowball and La Sal are on Bureau of Land Management land.

Utah Division of Air Quality Contact
Maung Maung
~ 801-536-4153

Utah Mine ID Number: M037026

Mine Safety and Health Administration
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The La Sal, Snowball, and Beaver Shaft Mines are under the same Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (DOGM) permit (M037026). The mines three shafts are connected underground. They are also connected underground to the Pandora Mine (M037012), also owned by Denison Mines (USA) Corporation (Denison). These mines form a complex of historic underground uranium and vanadium mines in the vicinity of the rural community of La Sal, on the south flank of the La Sal Mountains in San Juan County. The La Sal, Snowball Mines received a permit from DOGM on December 21, 1978. The permit was never extended, despite the mines being closed down for over ten years.

The Beaver Shaft is less than one half (.5) mile from the center of the town of La Sal: the store, elementary school, and post office. One of the mine's vents is about one quarter (.25) of a mile from the center of town.


Mine Permit Application, Executive Summary, and maps
La Sal Mines - Large Mining Operation Progress Reports 1978-2008
Letters regarding mine permit extension - 2002 (w/1982 Pandora Mine Progress Report)
Notice of Intent to Construct the Proposed La Sal Mines Project
DOGM Inspection Report of Mines in La Sal w/photos - 2002 (w/Hecla Shaft documents; inspections at end of PDF file)

Beaver Shaft
Beaver Shaft Vent 1
Beaver Shaft Vent 2
Beaver Shaft Vent 3

Vent Sound - Beaver Shaft Vent 1050


Original Plan of Operations (Deer Creek Group) - April 27, 1981
Original Environmental Assessment - June 12, 1981


Updated December 16, 2011



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